Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thanks - that was fun!

Back at home now and thinking about to what a great trip I had and all of those people who helped make it a success for me.
First up: my accommodators. Big thanks to Zoe and Em for letting me stay at their place, keeping me entertained, showing me how to find my way around the city and generally helping me to have a great time! Thanks also to Jairus Streight, my buddy out in UVic who also put me up for a couple nights, zipped me around town on his scooter (think Dumb and Dumber!) for a late-night post-race beer and dinner, and gave me some good pointers on recovery including post-race fuels and the direction to the ocean for an ice bath.
Second: my fans. To Em, Zoe, Mik, Aaron, Jairus, Duke and Brett for making it out to watch my races - in some cases braving heavy traffic and wild backseat drivers for a couple of minutes of racing!
Third: to those following along from a distance. Whether via facebook, text, or this blog, thanks all for keeping tabs on my adventures and cheering me on. I could feel the love from across the country and it was a big help!
Finally and most importantly: to my support staff, my family and coach. For the planning, resources and time put into helping me along the way.

And now, you ask, what is next? Well, the big show: the Canadian National Track and Field Championships, takes place on July 28-31st in Toronto and that is pretty much what this season has been gearing up for. Right now, I have the same feeling about Nationals that I did going into this past series: bring it on! This may change as the event draws near but I am looking forward to meeting all the big boys again and getting a taste of championship racing. So for these next two weeks, Kevin will have me sharpening up in preparation for some tactical races with blistering finishes.

Will keep you posted.

Be easy.


  1. blistering finishes are great if you dont have to do them from the back of the pack!

  2. PLEASE watch some 1500 and mile races on you tube.Seb Coe especially ! Love Gdad.Jusy trying to help !

  3. We want more blog entries!!