Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I know you were all worried about me, so you will be happy to hear that I arrived safely at my friend Jarius's house in Victoria last night. I left Zoe and Em's house in Vancouver at 3pm and arrived at Jairus's at almost 9pm. Approx 6 hours of travelling! I took 4 buses, one train, a ferry, and a minivan belonging to a nice elderly German couple. People were very friendly with help with directions along the way and breaking loonies for me, and in total the trip only cost me $14.65. My assessment of the public transit in BC: good value for money. (You know my opinion is valid because I spent a summer sweeping floors/being a carpenter at Bombardier.)

Anyway, I am here in Victoria and from what I have seen, it looks to be a very nice place. So far today I have watched the Spain-Germany game, gone for lunch, a little LSATing, and soon off to the stadium to pick up my race registration package.

And how am I feeling for this race? A little more nervous than the last one but I like to think (and tell myself) that I am just warming up. We'll see what happens.

Be easy.

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