Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kajaks International Track Classic - 1st (4th overall) - 1:51.99

This race was a little hard to get up for as I felt like I had already accomplished my goals for the series, it wasn't a very big meet, and as I wasn't even in the fast section, it was unlikely I was going to be able to run fast. Yet when I found I had to pay a $25 race entry fee (pretty steep for less than 2mins of pain!) I decided I might as well make this worth my while and have a good one.
As mentioned I was not in the fastest section (heats are created based on the time you submit when you register for the race) but was placed in the 3rd heat of the 800m. This was far from ideal, however, luckly there were a few scratches in the heats ahead of me and I was bumped up into the second heat. The race went out and I found myself in last place. However the pack was tightly bunched, and I found myself chopping my stride as we rounded 200m. We went through 400m in 54-55s and while still in last, I felt rather comfortable. Down the back stretch I surged to 3rd but as I was being shielded nicely from the wind by a hulking Kiwi fellow, I decided to bid my time and sit in as we rounded the turn. Off the bend I made my move and charged down the back stretch towards the line. Unusually, I was conscious of what the race announcer was saying and he seemed quite exicted with my finishing kick. This surprised me as I myself was experiencing a bit of a speed wobble and wondering why I wasn't being challenged, but I had done enough and held them off for a half second victory.

The time of 1:51.99 would have put me 4th overall, including the International section, but things could have been different if I was in that section. The time was nothing special, but I was happy with how I raced and it was nice to get a win.

And that was that. My West Coast racing adventure was over. The week had been a long one and as much as I enjoy racing, it is nice to be done and have a break for a little while. My next exploits will be in Toronto at the end of July at Nationals but between now and then I will put in another training block for a little fine tuning.

However, before all of that, I have a day left out West. Today was a lazy day at the beach and tomorrow I will climb the Chief, a mountain north of Vancouver, with some friends. But that's tomorrow; right now, I might go and have a taste of Granville Island Brewary's finest amber ale.

Be easy.

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