Sunday, July 4, 2010

One day out.

For some reason, Lady Inspiration seems to to witholding herself from me and the words for this blog are not coming very fluently to me. I can only hope that she is saving herself for tomorrow night at the Harry Jerome Classic as I round the bend with 200m to go. Thus, for now, I shall state the facts of what is going on over here as I prepare for tomorrow's endeavour.
Saturday - I arrived in Vancouver and was greeted at the airport by 3 friends of mine from Queen's: Emily, Em and Zoe. I shall be staying with Em and Zoe for the next week and am awfully glad of their company and hospitality. As independent as I am, I should not like to spend a week in a big city more or less on my own. It is always great to see them and they will make the week so much more enjoyable. Muchos gracis amigos!
Upon arriving in Van, I went out for a run and did a couple 200s on a gravel track near the house. They were about race pace and intended to wake my legs up from the flight and remind them of what they will be doing on race day. For some reason, I felt a little wonky....and I am not sure why, however, I do often feel a little off before races. Hypersensitive?

Be that as it may, I am feeling confident for my race tomorrow. My latest training block coupled with the depth of the field give me no choice but to run fast. The nerves haven't hit me yet (although that may have been them on Thursday freaking me out about my hamstring) but I imagine they will hit me tomorrow at some point. When they do, I shall deal with them -let them wash over me, give them 5 mins, and then dispose of them. A friend once told me, "nerves are like a rocking chair: they give you something to do but they don't get you anywhere."

Today I toured around Vancouver in the morning with Em, checking out the shops and markets at Granville Island, then did a little grocery shopping, and went to see a band called Hey Ocean with Zoe and Emily. A relaxing day - perfect for keeping my mind off the race, although having the car towed for being parked in the wrong place was drag. Also got in an easy run...just a half hour to loosen up the legs with Em in the Pacific Spirit Park and then a few fast strides (approx 100m efforts at 75-90% speed).

And that's about it for the past 2 days. I shall run mid-afternoon tomorrow to shake out the legs and then I race at 8pm. The meet, The Harry Jerome Track Classic, is at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby and somehow Kev has worked his cunning magic and got me into the International section in the 1500m. Flip, I'm excited bru!

Goodnight and Be Easy.

Note - this blog has taken me almost 2 hours to write. I deleted it twice (accidentally) and took a break to shave in the middle of it. Hence the mention of Lady Inspiration at the top. Hope it makes sense!

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  1. Great race man! Looks like you're having an awesome summer. Keep it up!