Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Aloha everybody! This is blog numbro uno and I am quite not sure what is going on. I am trying to make this blog as professional and classy as I can, but things are going slowly! I know that things may need tweaking (and/or major changes....ie. the picture of me under the title!) but bare with me please!
I think as my first post I will state the intent of my blog and what I hope to gain and give by using it.
As stated in the title, I am an "Elite Miler in Progress". What this means is that I am on a journey to becoming one of the best milers in the country. By miler I mean someone who predominantly focuses on races ranging from 800m to 1 Mile, although I do venture above and below this bracket. Now, will this ever happen? I am not sure, but that is the goal that I am working towards. Time will only tell, but with my current training and racing, support from my family friends and coach, and my, as of yet, undiminished enjoyment of this sport, I have no reason not to believe in myself.
This blog is meant to help me along this path. While I intend on using my racing to display my development and announce my presence on the running scene, this blog will help to relate the day-to-day experiences of an Elite Miler in Progress (EMIP) to those who cannot see it first hand. This might be especially relevant to those who are supporting me - financially, materially, or just plain hoping and praying I do well. This will be my way of letting them all know how thing are going and thanking them as they contribute to my success. If, my by words and actions, I can inspire some others to bigger and better things, then so much the better!

And now I think I have rambled enough...especially as no one knows I even have this blog (at the time of writing), I really should attend to that before I spend hours pouring my heart out!

Be Easy.

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  1. Dear Matthew, let me be the first to comment on said blog. I think it's great, although you may require an editor of sorts. Depending on the average length of your posts, I offer my services.

    Looks great buddy, good luck!