Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Complete Day (or: Slovenia 0, England 1)

Yesterday was what I considered to be a complete day. 8:45am - Morning run, 10 barefoot laps of Tindall Field. Boom. 5:30pm - No nonsense workout consisting of 10 x 300m with 300m jog recovery in the pouring rain. Boom. 11:30pm - just before bed, strength work involving push-ups and sit-ups. BOOM. This day of course was complimented by 3 nutritious meals, stretching, the mental stimulation of an LSAT prep test, and finally and the enjoyment of the Italian Job during dinner. This is the type of day that I would like to have every day, although rarely seem to's that morning run which does me in! In a perfect day, there are a few things that I would like to add in. First - massage: my upper back has been killing me these last few days. I have been trying to self-massage with this massage contraption that I have, but it is not the best. Any out-of-work masseuses should feel free to make themselves known to me . Second - ice bath, my legs are a wee bit tired, hamstrings especially from the work I have done in the last 4 days. I have pretty much covered the entire spectrum of possible workouts - speed endurance, long and steady, short sprints, and some classic intervals. Coupled with a slight alteration in my stride to open it up a little more, my legs are le tigre. (That's a colloquial French term for tired.) Ice baths are prefect for aiding muscle recovery - I just don't have one at home that I can stand in comfortably. While I have done it before, sitting in freezing water is not enjoyable.

Today is the complete opposite of the complete day, as I will probably not do any of the running related items that were on the agenda yesterday. No morning run, no workout, and likely no strength work. It is my day off today - it has been a while since I took one and high time that I did. But I still got some cardiovascular work in, as England's nervy ending to their 1-0 win over Slovenia was more than enough to get my heart rate up. With the stress those boys put us through, I consider myself to have worked hard enough to share in the victory today.....maybe that's 2 complete days in a row?

Tomorrow, I will be back at it the grind. I'll decide whether I am going to do a morning run between 30 seconds and 5 mins after I wake up so I won't make any promises now. It will be an easy day anyway, with probably 8 miles steady in the afternoon.

Until then: Be Easy.

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