Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Thanks!

Just a quick note to express my appreciation to some folks who have recently helped me out:

Gavin Cosgrove who has made a donation on behalf of Bergeron and Clifford, a personal injury law firm here in Kingston ( Gavin has been helping me with my running for many years, starting in my Gr 10 year when he trained with me and most recently helping me approach businesses and groups in the community who might be able to help me out.

Mizuno Canada, through a fellow named Arnold Tse, who has recently sent me a box of goodies which are not only functional, but very stylish. I have come in contact with Mizuno via Dylan Wykes, a national marathoner and local Kingstonian who has also been helping me out in how to develop as an athlete. I shall be wearing this gear in my upcoming races so prepare to be dazzled!

And, as usual, thank you to my coach, friends, and family who continue to support me. Especially those friends who come to watch me race even though they know they will probably miss the event itself!

Be Easy.

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