Friday, July 8, 2011

3 X (2+)

Well it's been a few days since I last blogged and I'm positive that the burning question on your mind is "Did Matt and Dupree break the 2 hour barrier?" The answer is yes, yes we did friends!
Since my last post I have been on 3 rides all of which have not only been in excess of 2 hours but also in excess of 60km! (What a little champion!) Two of those rides I cycled east and used the wind to aid my return home, but most recently I headed north of Kingston to sample the hilly winding passage that heads into the Land'o'Lakes. Must say, the hills do make for a pretty grueling trip, though I believe that I am getting steadily stronger.

In other exciting news, I have found employment for the time being! Courtesy of my friend Emily, who recommended me to her boss, I am now a camp counsellor at a kids camp that is run out of a women's fitness studio. I'm only getting about 20 hours a week and the camp only runs for another 4 weeks (I have one week under my belt already) but it's giving me something to do, a little coin on the side and showing me that life does indeed start before 7am! And, not only am I working with kids in the camp, but for an hour a day on Mon, Wed and Fri I babysit infants 6 months to 3 years old as their mothers work-out in the studio. This is probably the most taxing element of my job...I have rather limited experience in this department and the little tykes really put me through my paces each day! However, as I am the only Y-chromosome in the building, there are usually plenty of women on hand to rescue me when necessary!

Anyway, that's all for for a ride with Dupree soon!
Be Easy.

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