Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bike, Bath and Beyond

Learning from my trials and tribulations from my prior ride I decided to head into the wind on the outward leg of my next journey and catch the tailwind on the way home (smart huh?). So I took Dupree out to Bath, a small hamlet that lies to the west of Kingston along the aptly named Bath Rd. Bath Rd is a busier road than Hwy 2, but as it tightly (like a toiger) hugs the shoreline as it winds around Lake Ontario, it is much flatter and therefore: fast. I cycled out for just over 50mins and turned around at a road named Sir John Johnson Rd. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't help but feel that this was a rather silly name (for a person or a road)- although clearly this man had done something worthy of having a road named after him, perhaps, merely overcoming the ridicule of his peers due to the lack of imagination of his parents was enough to earn him this honour. But I digress. On the way home, wind at my back, I found myself absolutely flying and decided that since I would probably make it home before 1:40 elapsed on the clock, I should tack on some extra miles to stretch the clock. I mean, apparently the best form of motivation is progress, and what sort of progression is two 1:40 rides in a row? If you don't believe me (and want a little motivation yourself), check out:
I believe that two of the guys mentioned in the video, Will Cruthers and Robby Gibson, are home-grown K-town boys. And the Canadian rowing team is pretty legit on the world stage....respect.

Anyway, to sum up: good ride - and 61km in under 2 hours is not too shabby. I hit up the pool today for 50mins and I'll be back laying tire to tarmac with Dupree tomorrow. Might try to break the 2 hour barrier. Time will tell.
Be Easy.

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