Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The plan.

The end of May is nigh and I am yet to race, and as many of my competitors have been in the thick of it already, some of you may be wondering when I will throw myself into the spike-shod mondo battle that we call middle distance racing. Verily I tell you, that day is near. Saturday, May 28th to be precise in which day I plan to race at the Speed River Inferno in Geulph. There is a 2km on offer, in which a Canadian record of 5:02 is looking to be broken, as well as a 1500m which is sure to be quite competitive also. Given the fact that this will be my first race in over 2 months, I'll probably jump into the 1500, with the hopes of running a solid, yet relaxed, rust-buster and try to blow out the cobwebs.

Following Guelph, I'm planning to head down to Indianapolis for a couple 1500m's at the American Miler's Club Series. I know some guys who have done it before and the races are supposed to be set up to qualify people for US Nationals (3:41ish) which should be a perfect pace for me to hang on to.

Then on to our own Nationals, in Calgary on June 22-25th. It's over a month earlier than last year in order to to get people accustomed to the schedule for next year, when Nationals will be the Olympic Trials. These will be held at the same time as this year and have to be that early so as to give qualifying athletes time to re-cycle before the Olympics in August.

After Nationals, I will stay out West and travel to Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria for races on June 29, July 1, and July 3, respectively. These are the first 3 stops in the inaugural Canadian National Track League, which also includes meets in Halifax (July 10) and Toronto (July 13). Exact travel details to be announced later, but friends and family in these cities, be forewarned - there might be a homeless, starving athlete looking for a place to stay for a night or two!

When I return from the West, I'll probably skip Halifax, but will hit up the meet in Toronto as it sounds like it might be shaping up to go super fast.

And then, just when it sounds like I might have done enough for season, we're planning the most audacious part of the summer....a racing tour of Europe. Plans are still in the works, but we may hit up the UK for the British Milers Club meets, as well as Belgium and Spain. This will be a big jump from last year, and fingers crossed that the Diamond League meets have a spot on the line reserved for me!
So, that's the plan for now....more details to follow as I figure them out!
Here's to a good one!

Be Easy.


  1. Go hard or go home right!? Sounds amazing- i'm excited for you to get started! No doubts you'll be great :)
    Good luck tomorrow in Guelph!!

  2. I know of some quick guys from Michigan that are headed down to Indy this weekend for the meet, if I recall right. They are hoping for around 3:45. Best wishes and Go Gaels Go!