Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Back Baby!

Ok ok ok! I'm sorry! Once again, I find myself apologizing for my complete disappearance from the blogosphere. The reason for my absence is that I was giving everyone a chance to follow the Canadian elections...I knew that my riveting posts would distract everyone from the circus that is Canadian politics. Know that voting day has come, and that you have all completed your civic duty, you can get back to more interesting blog!

I jest, my lack of posting was actually due to a hectic last few weeks of school and exam period. With 5 years of collegiate knowledge under my belt, one would think that I would have the organization capacity to figure my life out and coast through my final weeks at school. Not so! As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end: a mad scramble. However, I have survived to tell the tale and hopefully pick my diploma too! (just kidding Mum)

But onto my academics once again failed to detract significantly from my athletics and my training has given me the form to win 2 rather prestigious races: the 3rd annual Highway 2 McDonald's Challenge in late March (2.5mi run from Queen's campus to McDonald's, eat a Big Mac, large coke and large fries and run home - my splits were 12:13, 13:41 (order and eat), 12:51) and then the Kingston Race Weekend 5k roadrace (15:21) just yesterday. Following my last post, I took a week off running and then put in 3 weeks of lower mileage easy running. I was also seeking treatment for my hamstring, which was continuing to give me some problems. I sought the help of an osteopath who treats the body in a system-function perspective, that is, the source of the pain may not be the actual site of the injury and that fixing the problem requires that all parts of the body, including skeletal, neural, visceral (organs) and muscular components, are able to express their natural capacity to move. A few treatments later along with the weeks of easy running and I'm back to feeling like the man I used to be...who/what was that man, you ask?.....hard to describe, but in a few words: I'm running well and enjoying myself again.

The last 2 weeks have seen an increase in mileage and a couple workouts. Having picked up a book by Peter Coe (Seb Coe's father and coach) I was happy to see that Kev's coaching philosophy was reaffirmed by a directive to "never stray far from one's speed", and so even in these early weeks of my base training, Kev and I have been mixing the fast with the slow. In the weeks ahead, my current occupation as a full-time runner gives me the opportunity to commit myself to training both morning and night while a even an intensive schedule of reading and blogging will allow for full rest in between. My mileage will continue to inch up and my coaching consultant, Shane, has devised a rather torturous strength program for me, so I'm also going to have that beach bod that I been yearning for all these years!

To wrap it up, with a little government assistance, continued support from Runner's Choice of Kingston and Mizuno, as well as the never ending support from my main sponsors (Mum and Dad) I have the luxury to be able to dedicate my summer to running. I'm going to keep my mind active with some stimulating literature (Hemingway & co.), my backyard garden (tomatoes and peppers- we're looking at you to actually deliver the goods this year!), and local volunteering (to be determined), but I will be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity to train and compete. I'm now officially living the dream baby!

Anyway, I must be off for now. I have a nap penciled in at 4:30....catch y'all later.
Be Easy.

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  1. Could use a volunteer at McKillop & Associates.....just sayin....put'n it out there....