Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sherbrooke Bound (again)

Just a quick note as I'm soon to bed, but the end of the indoor season is nigh as I'm off to Sherbrooke tomorrow as they are once again the hosts of the CIS National Champs. Queen's is sending up a small (but mighty) team of about 10 athletes, with 4 individual racers and 3 relay teams. Races start on Thursday but I race on Friday night in the 4x800m and then on Saturday in the 1500m. I'll use the preceeding days to reach a zen like state where I am able to focus all my energy on forward locomotion from a completely stable standing start!
Anyway, legs are feeling good and my pre-race beard is growing in nicely. Time for bed.
Be Easy.


  1. Good luck this weekend, I'll be following your every move. every move. every. move.

  2. Still following your blog with interest. Keep it up Matt. good luck on't weekend!

  3. zen state eh, ahah- who da cat?