Friday, March 11, 2011

Chillin at the Holiday Inn. (aka the Motel La Marquaise)

T-minus 4.5hours until race time and we're hanging out in our 70's styled motel room on the backwood buroughs of Sherbrooke jammin to "Childish Bambimo" (courtesy of M. Nish). So far the trip has been pretty good...the team is in good spirits and everyone is feeling ready to go.
We got into Sherbrooke on Wednesday night, after struggling through viscous Montreal traffic and hit the track. I threw down a couple of 200s, faster than I would have liked but the legs just wouldn't slow down for me. A good sign I hope! Yesterday Nish raced in the 600m....didn't go as well as he would have liked and he didn't process to the finals but it helped to shake the rust off and he's primed for tonight. Today, the 4x200 boys squeaked through to the final with a tough race. They finished last in their heat after some jostling on the corners but they were sufficiently hopped up on testosterone and adrenaline to still keep their noses in front of the other 6 teams.
Tonight we have Gordo in the 300m and Leah in the 3000m before we roll in the 4x800. Errbody will be sufficiently rested to throw down some fast times and we"re going in ranked 5th - we're right in the mix.
In other news of note, we built a snowman on the roof of a minivan and it survived two 15min trips from the track to the motel and back.
Will update afterwards.
Be Champions.

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