Sunday, January 30, 2011

A week in review

There are two things I love: a full stomach and a full night's sleep. So you know things are getting serious when forgo either of the two for any cause. Hence, 3 early morning and pre-breakfast runs (back to back no less) this week, is a rather significant occurrence.
Indeed, this has been a pretty solid week of training for me so far. With the luxury of not racing this weekend, Kev and I have been able to schedule some quality workouts that target every aspect of my fitness: endurance, power, strength, and speed, without having to worry too much about tiring me out. I'd done a 4mile tempo, hill repeats, 1km repeats, a med-ball workout, and a couple of steady runs in between. Still to come is an interval session tonight and then a training session with the Queen's sprint team on Tuesday. It's all part of a training block which will end with a mile attempt in Boston in 2 weeks time. I'll also have a 1000m race in York next weekend, although I (hopefully) won't be trying to kill myself to run a good time there: it will be an extension of my training, just another good workout.

So that's been my week; the consistency of the morning runs is something that I'm going to try to be consistent with. It will help add a little mileage and I can also throw in other workouts there too: plyometrics, weights, and medicine ball exercises, that will supplement my running.

It is tiring though - I often need a nap later in the day and also have to eat more. I feel like I am becoming rather mechanized: sleeping, eating and running at certain times and in specific amounts. I presume that I am looking at what it is like to live "like a clock", something I referred to in post in the XC season. I never quite achieved it then, but I think I just might be on the verge of it now. I feel healthy and am pleased with how my hamstrings are doing (knock on wood) so we'll see how this goes!

Be champions.

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  1. Keep working hard Matt, many people are cheering you on in support from afar each and every day! Keep focused on the goals.