Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Apple Bound!

Off to NYC in about 20mins! We're staying right downtown New York, only a few blocks from Central Park, so hopefully I don't get mugged when I'm on my morning shakeout tomorrow! I race at 2:45 (I believe) and then we're staying that evening for a night on the town. My parents are coming down, as is's going to be just wild.
As to how I'm feeling....well my hamstrings kept acting up this past week. First my right, now my left, so hopefully they both cooperate tomorrow. All I need is 3:45 (hopefully less than) of good behaviour from them! Otherwise I'm feeling good: I did 5 miles easy on the t-mill this morning. No nerves yet, but I'm sure they will come. Right now I just need to recall the pain that I will be facing in that last 500m, and remind myself that it will be nothing new, nothing to trouble myself over. I have touched into that threshold during training in the past few weeks, but its always a little different in a race. Am I ready for it?
In any case, its just a race, with some familiar faces and some strange ones, but racing is what love to do.....flip bru I'm excited!
Be Easy.

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