Friday, October 15, 2010

Gavin Cosgrove for Catholic Trustee! Election Day is Mon, Oct 25th!

A good friend of mine, Gavin Cosgrove is running in the upcoming Kingston municipal elections for the position of Catholic Trustee. Gavin is a native Kingstonian and attended Holy Cross high school, before attending Manhatten College (on a running scholarship) in the NY and then law school in New Brunswick. He is now working in Kingston as a lawyer.

How do I know him and how does this fit in with my running blog? Well, when I was in Gr 10 at Holy Cross, he was in town and came out to train with me through the XC and track seasons. He was a big factor in my success that year. Since then he has been incredibly supportive of my running and in helping me generate community support for my various training and racing endeavours. I have been helping out a little with his campaign and decided that a shameless plug on my blog would not go amiss!

Check him out at!/pages/Gavin-Cosgrove-for-Catholic-Trustee/153319284708397. He's an upstanding character and will do very well for the community. Voting starts this weekend and information can be found at


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