Sunday, October 3, 2010

70+ Baby!

There we have it people....a new all-time weekly mileage record: 71.5 miles. I was hovering under 10miles a day on average this week until my long run today. I just got back in from an 80min run around town. Just nice and cruzy, real easy at the start but picked it up by the end for something around 13miles. The website tried to tell me that it was a 15mile run, but I don't believe it - the pace wasn't that quick and I prefer to undercount than overcount anyway. In the case that it was actually 15miles, I have those extra two miles in the bag, unbeknownst even to me, the benefits of which I have no doubt will make themselves apparent at 9.5km mark at nationals to the chagrin of my competitors! (its like having secret weapons!...muhahaha)

Anyway, while Kev does want me increasing my mileage, he did tell me that "mileage logs don't win races, so just chill and make sure you're enjoying it". Sage advice, but I'm still pretty pumped to see those numbers all the same!

And what else do I have to talk about? Well, this week I had an interesting workout....better than the first one I did (see Hard Workout and Hot Yoga) but completely different than anything I have done before. Kev had me do a fartlek (Swedish term for "speedplay" and entailing a combination of alternating fast and easy paced running). Starting at the Start line at the XC course, I would pick a point between 300-800m away on the course in my mind and run to it. Once I reach it, I stop (both myself and my watch) and jog back along the course until about halfway rested, turn around and jog towards my stop point. Then I would pick another point and run towards it at race pace, starting from where I stopped on my previous interval. So overall, the only time I was gaining any new ground over the course I was running at race pace or faster. Comprendes-tu? I did 3 laps of the course like this. The point was to get my body used to running the course at race pace. I improve my "muscle memory" so my body knows what to do when a real race starts.

Anyway, thats all for now. In the past few days I have been getting wind of people reading my blog who I had no idea had even heard about it. This is most appreciated folks! I hope you are enjoying it as much as one can possibly enjoy reading about running! Thanks!

Be Easy.

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