Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Miles! (for me anyway!)

Big week this week folks: hit 67 miles or about 108km, and those numbers are only going to get bigger in the weeks to come. I rounded the week off with a run with Dylan Wykes, one of Canada's up-and-coming marathoners and a Kingston native. He represented Canada in marathon at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin and placed 33rd. Plus, he's a chill guy with plently of wisdom to besides enjoying his company, I'm trying to absorb as much as I can about life as a truely elite athlete. Even though our race distances are different (I'm looking at 10k's while he is looking at 42k's) some of the training does match up, to a certain point. Today was a long day for both myself and him. We went out to Lemoine's Point (a conservation area in Kingston's west end) and did an hour steady (about 6min/mile) following which we upped the pace for a bit. This is where we began to differ: we started off at about 5:30/mile pace and dropped it down to about 5:20 and I hung in for about 15mins, somewhere just shy of 3 miles. 75mins is enough for me at this point but Dylan continued, to do a total of 6miles, bringing the pace down to about 5:05/mile and a time of about 32mins of up-pace work. He was getting after it to be sure.

As I look to next week: I am taking the day off from running tomorrow, having put in 15 days and 137 miles without a rest day. I am also going into Kingston Body Management, a physio and health clinic, to get some baseline testing done. KBM have offered to act as my one stop shop for all of my fitness, injury and recovery needs. They have trainers, kinesiologists, physio's, masseurs and more at this place and are willing to help me out. First they are going to do some general health and fitness testing to see if I have any weaknesses and imbalances that they can correct. However unlikely it may seem to you that those words, "weakness" and "imbalance" should apply to me, I am having continued hamstring and lower back issues, as well as some aches in my shins and neck...all of which are most likely linked to something I am doing wrong with my running. They will also look at my running biomechanics and see how things look there. Corrections will most likely focus on strengthening certain muscle groups, so there will be some exercises and weights involved. (Nothing of the bulk-building stuff; just low weight, high repetitions to improve muscular endurance) I'm looking forward to working with the guys and girls at KBM and hopefully good things will result! Interesting note: the main physio there, a fellow named Carson, has connections to Matt Tegenkamp, one of the top 5k guys in the USA. Pretty cool.

Anyway, thats all for now folks! Cheerio!
Be Easy.

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