Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ride the Wild Wind.

You will all be delighted to know that Dupree and I are really getting on quite magnificently, we have really bonded over some nice little rides over the past week. On Tuesday, I cycled from downtown Kingston out to my parent's place, a distance of 42km in about 1:20. I returned the next day in the rain in a similar time. (Question: Is cycling in the rain dangerous with such skinny tires?) I canvassed some more cycling-savvy friends about the quality of my ride and the feedback was encouraging yet unsatisfied: cycling at close to 30km/hr is semi-respectable, although I should be reaching speeds just over that mark and it would be nice if I could raise the duration of my rides to at least 2 hours. Can't please some people these days!

Today, I was considering a 2 hour ride, but I got out just over 45 minutes East along Hwy 2 towards Gananoque, and got thinking about how far I had come...and turned around. Turns out, it was probably for the best as there was a mega headwind on the way back (it's funny how you don't notice the wind when it is helping you!) and at some points on the return leg I was absolutely crawling. Give me hills over a headwind any day, I say! That said, cycling uphill into a headwind isn't much fun either, as I also found out today. I think I'll try head West along Hwy 2 next time, and capitalize on that wind on the way back when I'm tired. I would like to get out to Gananoque at some point....I might have to find a fat friend to cycle with and draft off! Speaking of which, a middle aged, rather heavy-set man blew by me today on his road bike just as I was leaving town. Not a fat man...he was obviously in shape, but I mean, while I'm not exactly a seasoned cyclist, I don't think I'm a slouch, and we're not going to blame it on the vintage of my steed (we all know it's not about the bike)...but flip bru, I wasn't impressed! Anyway, I covered just over 50km today in about 1:40 (it took me almost an extra 10 minutes to get home in that wind!). It's not two hours yet but I'm getting there....Devon Novakowski: beware!

Anyway, that's all for meow.
Be Easy.

Ps. just like to throw out a shout out to Miss D. Bentley - congratulating her for graduating from her masters program!

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